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Professional Life

In my professional life, I'm a "Computer Geek." I first got addicted to computers in my Sophomore year at college (Rutgers College, New Brunswick, NJ -- 1970/1971) when I took my first computer course. The professor said at the beginning of the semester that one of two things will happen by the end of the year -- either you will be addicted to computers or hate them. I came out of the course addicted. :-)

I was a Math major during my undergraduate years and graduated with a BA in Math. I received my MS in Computer Science six years after my undergraduate degree. I also went Rutgers for my Masters -- it took 4 years, part time at night while working full time.

For the first 10 years of my life in IT, I was a COBOL application programmer, but I always had an interest in system administration. In 1980, I got my chance when I was offered a promotion to either a system manager or a DBA. I choose the system manager position. The company I was with at that time was using a Digital PDP 11/70 running RSX-11M+. After I got promoted, my first job was to learn all about the new VAX 11/780 and the new OS called VMS. This was the start of my involvement with VMS that lasted almost 30 years, until 2007 when I transitioned to Drupal back end development using PHP.